Friday, March 1, 2013

WebWatcher Review

Hi, I'm Kyliee! My Daughter just turned 12 a few weeks ago. My Husband and I's plans for her birthday were to get her, her very own computer. But, there's a problem with just handing your underaged child a computer. What will they stumble upon when you're not looking? Who will approach them online? The thought of my little girl out on the world wide web with nobody looking over her shoulder absolutely frightens me. That is why I have set out to help parents protect their children with computer monitoring software such as WebWatcher.

What is WebWatcher?

WebWatcher is a computer monitoring software that allows you to install it on your loved ones computer, and then watch everything they do remotely from the comfort of anywhere you are able to access the internet. You can see their website activity, what they type, who they talk to on instant messengers, who they've emailed, live screenshots of what they are viewing, and even what they have done on Facebook and Instagram! I like to call WebWatcher the Swiss Army knife of protecting your child online.

Can it block content?

You bet. WebWatcher has a vastly feature filled content blocking system. You can block websites, keywords, search results, advertisements, and just about anything that could potentially be harmful for your child to see. You can also go as far as blocking applications and games from being ran by your child. There is no alert of what blocked the application, it will simply fail to execute. WebWatcher is virtually untraceable!

Wow, that sounds like a lot to setup...

It isn't! WebWatcher has a beautifully designed web panel that allows you full control over the installed computer with very little knowledge about WebWatcher its self. Everything is separated into easily understandable categories and sections. Do you want to see what your child has typed today? Simply go to the Keylogger and set the date accordingly. You can even see what they've typed since the initial install of WebWatcher with just a quick click on the calender! Cool right?

Is installation hard?

Not at all. I wouldn't call myself the most computer -savvy girl, but anybody could install WebWatcher. It is a simple one-click-install and then you log into your account at WebWatcherData and you're set! It will immediately start recording everything on the installed computer and present it to you in an organized, professional manner. You can even setup scheduled reports to your email!

Whoa, all Remote??

I know, right!? This is the only computer monitoring software I tested that allowed you to access all harvested data from anywhere remote with an internet connection. There's really no competition for WebWatcher as all the other monitoring software's store their data locally, thus you'd have to sneak onto the computer you originally installed it on to grab the data off of it. This simply isn't doable in most circumstances, if any. This leaves all of WebWatcher's competition in the dust.

Final Thoughts

WebWatcher is the future of parental controls. When looking at computer monitoring software, I had flashbacks of how easy it was to fool AOL Parental Controls back in the day...this really isn't the case anymore. You could install WebWatcher on your professional IT husbands computer, and he'd never know. It runs no services, no processes, and is simply untraceable. It's the perfect solution to protecting your child, catching a cheating husband, or just having remote security on your personal computer while you are away.